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Yearly Special Needs

It is this time of the year again when children start their school activities again. If you would like to help and encourage children on the Rosebud Indian reservation, please read this note. Web of Life Enterprises is once again collecting school supplies which will be redistributed to the children who need support the most, by our trusted contacts on the reservation.

List of suggested school supplies donations (what children usually need depending on their age):

Pencil box
Pencils #2
Hand Held Pencils Sharpener with 2 sizes of holes
Pocket Folders
Glue Stick(s)
Watercolor Paint
Children’s Markers
Colored pencils
Box of Tissues
Colored pencils boxes 1
Antibacterial Soap Hand Sanitizer
Package of Papermate Erasermate Pens
Composition Notebook
Package of Index cards (3×5)
1-12″ Ruler
5″ Student Scissors
1-subject spiral notebooks
Compass with measuring guide
Loose leaf ruled 3 hole filler paper
3-ring Binder
Book Covers/BookSox
Package of pens
Erase Pens
Pen (red)
7″ Scissors
Single-subject Spiral Notebooks
Loose leaf ruled 3 hole filler paper
Wire bound weekly planner,
School Drafting kit
Tabbed Dividers
USB Flash Drives (256MB)

Many of the children live under very poor conditions, and new (or used but as good as new) clothing/new shoes for school would also be appreciated.



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