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What one person does, can make a big difference for Native communities that need help NOW.

Are you that person?

Letters of Support

From: Jeanne Svhiyeyi Aga Chadwick
To: Nim
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 5:51 AM

Subject: FYI

Good morning Nim,

I listened to you on the radio - I was SO GLAD they had you on there - you do so much without judging who is worthy and who is not, like some do. I'm not mentioning any names, but I've heard it from many people - they get heat if they meet the "good list." if you get my drift. When we give, we are suppose to give without making judgments about people. Their lifestyles shouldn't matter - what matters most is do they need heat?

You and the people who help you do it from the heart, not like many others who do it for recognition talk more than do.

So, thank you for all the good you do - for all the people that you help. You travel so far and work so hard to help the people at Rosebud. I know how grateful they must all be for the help - and you are making their lives a little more bearable.

Many blessings to you Nim.


Oh Great Spirit who dwells in the sky,
lead us to the path of peace and
understanding, let us all live together
as brothers and sisters.

My Two Beads Worth ~ Native News Online


Rosebud Thank you Letter
Thank you letter from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation council president William Kindle
Dated 24 October, 2002
(Click on pic to enlarge it.)






From: pokey@gwtc.net
To: Nimchira@cox.net
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 9:54 AM
Subject: Thank you !

Dear Nim and Ed,

Thank you so much for all the donations you brought up here to South Dakota.
Just to let you know it's really Appreciated, heres where some of the goods went and the people that it went to. All say THANK YOU so much, you are a God send. They didn't know what they were going to do with out your help.

We've had 7 burned out famlies this last month alone, that lost everything. Each family has at least 5 kids. Every one rec'd enough clothes to last each one at least 2 weeks before they have to do laundry. All together there was 59 people that rec'd clothes, 46 of them are children. The children rec'd real nice clothes, you brought mostly school clothes. The adults rec'd real nice clothes good enough to go to work in especially those that work in offices. Everyone said they got clothes even better than what they lost. All the furniture and house hold items really made their day.

Everyone was sitting on the floor and now they have furnature to sit on, and beds to sleep in. Other people come in for clothes and school supplies. Every day people come in for clothes of all kinds and shapes. They are always so greatful and tell me to be sure and let you know they appreicate what you are doing. Most of the people here live under the poverty level.
Everyone asked how can you give all this stuff away free? I told them it was all donated to you but it does cost you to bring it all up here to us. I told them some of the money is donated for gas money and the rest comes out of your own pocket. Thanks Again and Again for everything you do.

OH ! I forgot to tell you about Alices paint ! Her sons are going to paint her house with the blue and white paint you gave her. It's really been hot or wet here but as soon as the weather is decent they will paint. She said she really likes that blue color and to tell you thank you. She said she's 83 yrs. old and no one ever wants to do anything for some one that old.

Love in Friendship
Pokey Stover
President of Non-Profit Native Indian Heritage Organization
Director of Distribution for W.O.L.E. on the Rosebud Rez.
UPS Address: B.I.A. and Pine
St. Francis, S.D. 57572
At Smoky's Own ShopShop
# 605 - 747 - 4744

Or snail mail address:
P.O.Bx. 607
Rosebud S.D. 57570
Home # 605 - 747 - 4680




From: DennySchenny@aol.com
To: nimchira@cox.net
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 11:11 AM
Subject: Letter
Greetings Friends from Onyota'a:ka Oneida Indian Territory Community, Oneida New York.
On behalf of the Onyota'a:ka Community, I would like to say Ny'Wen (Thank You) to WOLE Organization for assisting my family and my community.

Our Community is still in need of communications equipment, recording equipment, and supplies as we continue to maintain a peaceful presence upon our land although it is presently targeted for complete destruction.

Our Iroquois families are not offered any compensation for their privately owned homes, nor offered any further places to live.

The Onyota'a:ka Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse) will continue civil disobedience and peaceful resistance in solidarity within our inherited birthright to live in peace together upon our aboriginal homeland.

We traditional Iroquois people our maintaining our duty to hold the land for those yet to be born, our cultural identity, and spiritual rituals that tie us to mother earth for our existence of our proud heritage and the seven generations to come.

We are currently rebuilding homes for those who are now homeless and are in need of financial assistance to address our housing needs.

If anyone would like to donate to our nonprofit organization or those organizations who are assisting the Oneidas For Democracy Onyota'a:ka Oneida Indian Territory Community, please send your "Tax Deductible Donations" to:

Oneidas For Democracy Onyota'a:ka Oneida Territory Community Rebuild FundPO BOX 450Oneida, NY 13421

"I would like to say thank you to NIM of the WOLE Organization, and others who have assisted the Onyota'a:ka Oneida Families."


Aiikowi:li^Yos, Danielle Schenandoah Patterson
Senior Director: United Native Nations Truth Net & Voice Confederation,
Oneidas For Democracy,
Shared Responsibilities to life,
Ka-na-hi-yo, "Its a good Seed!" Indigenous Seed Preservation, Conservancy, and Dissemination Project
.PO BOX 450
Oneida, NY 13421

"Check online" Oneida Action News Center for more information of the current Oneida Housing  Situation"
http://www.angelfire.com/indie/oneidas  or http://www.Oneidasfordemocracy.Org
http://www.NativeNewsOnline.Org found at Oneida Backgrounder


Letter of Appreciation from Ida Marshall,
Two Strike Community Chairwoman
Rosebud Indian Reservation, SD
Sigancu Lakota Oyate
Dated 4/26/2002

(.pdf file)





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