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What one person does, can make a big difference for Native communities that need help NOW.

Are you that person?

Greeting Cards by Judi Armbruster

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Set 1 (10 cards) - Art by Judi Armbruster

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Blessing - art by Judi Armbruster Blurring Boundaries - art by Judi Armbruster Buffalo Peace - art by Judi Armbruster Bufloblu - art by Judi Armbruster Canyon Song - art by Judi Armbruster
Eagle Tears - art by Judi Armbruster Fishntraditions - art by Judi Armbruster Making Cloud People - art by Judi Armbruster Rainbow Women - art by Judi Armbruster Rock People Dancing - art by Judi Armbruster

Set 2 (10 cards) - Buffalo on deerhide art by Ambrose Keeble
Images donated by the Keeble Family, White Ghost’s band,
Crow Creek Agency/Reservation of Fort Thompson, SD

Buffalo 1 - art by Ambrose Keeble Buffalo 2 - art by Ambrose Keeble
Buffalo 3 - art by Ambrose Keeble Buffalo 4 - art by Ambrose Keeble

America says they are Protecting & Preserving the Buffalo,

Some of us think differently.

Stop the Slaughter

of Innocent Defensiveless Spiritual Beings.

$15.00 for one set of 10 cards with original art work by talented artists who kindly support WOLE.

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Recently a call went out to support the WOLE in fund raising for the Rosebud Reservation. In the past I have donated funds, which are now in short supply. Yet I could not just abandon the cause, and so have donated several of my “Spirit Songs” graphics to make cards to give to the contributors. These digital collages are from my heart, and I am both proud and grateful that they will be used for the good work you are doing.
Thank you for allowing me to help in this way.

Judi Armbruster
Karuk Tribe, California

Judi is one of the brilliant poets currently emerging from Indian country. Her poetry and unique digital art have been published internationally.

One example is her poem Meditation, which caps "The Book of Hope." This is the second of a two volume set which was originally published in Iceland; it is dedicated to the victims of 9-11. Judi finds herself in good company in the "Book of Healing" & "The Book of Hope." They also include the work of the Dali Lama, Native poet - Joy Harjo, Rita Dove - former U.S. Poet Laureate, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti - founder of City Lights Publishers and former San Francisco City Poet Laureate.

Red Cedar Publishing is now featuring Judi Armbruster's most recent poem on our New Work page. You will also find information and links to Judi's other writing projects as well as her upcoming book, "Canyon Songs".

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