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Renaissance of Solidarity

Renaissance of Solidarity?

by Larry Kibby

The United States of America is refuge to a multitude of human beings who have journeyed from their own traditional lands from throughout the world. Once arriving in America, they expected to achieve the great “American Dream”, and while a few did, most entered into the working class field, while others’ fell to a level of destitution.

Since some 510 years ago, weary travelers’ stepped onto the shores of America and South America, often abandoning families, relatives and homes in search of a New Life. America they some how knew would bring them great wealth and sincere prosperity for the rest of their lives, however, some people stood in their way, the many Sovereign Nations of the Indigenous, Aboriginal, and American Indian people.

Bands of tribes stretching all across the lands of America and South America, millions of people living a life of elegance evolving from a deep-rooted culture of thousands of years old, and a belief of reverence that embraced worthy hearts of honor.

In time their lives would become a darkness in the chronicles of world history, pages filled with terror, tyranny, dictatorship, enslavement, beatings, torture, and murder and it would be called the worlds’ worst acts of genocide, a holocaust that would cast a shadow of evil upon mankind for generations to come.

Oppressed by racist and tyrant governments for hundreds of years, these Indigenous, Aboriginal and American Indian people would rise up from the depths of their afflictions and move forward to change the transgressions of governments and societies through forms of solidarity and forceful aptitudes of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Justice would not come easy in these contemporary times, for many who would come to side with the solidarity of these people, and for obvious reasons some had no promise in their hearts, for they beared a somber oath to governments and corporations while hiding behind fraudulent respects for humanity.

Traitors, nonconformists of the worse kind, doing nothing more than corrupting some free people with spoils of propaganda that contained false prophecies, theories and philosophies, ideologies full of deceit, hate and self-indulgence, virtually, governmental operations of assimilation. Some of these people would embark on a journey to impel change within cultural and traditional morals that had been in place for thousands of years, centuries if you will.

Ancient blood lines, ceremonies, languages, songs, generations of respected customs and belief’s, practically torn apart and replaced with fallacies of envious minds who did not want to understand truth and authenticity. These but some people of devious ways to try and distort and disband the solidarity of hearts.

In a world of injustice, human right’s and fundamental freedoms are hard to come by, for in the people’s plight to solicit justice stands’ racial hate, corporate greed, disregard for the environment, government bureaucracy, tools of capitalism, industrialism, fascism, theories of tyranny and terror that will hold the people back from gaining their just reward of total tranquility and sovereignty.

In foresight, as the renaissance of solidarity becomes more obvious for the Indigenous, Aboriginal and American Indian, the originality of ancestral obedience will forsake those whose have tried in vain to agitate the cultural and traditional balance. Allegiance to logic, faith and hope will domineer the endeavor’s to induce constitutionality, to bring about the end of false prophets, visionaries and corrupt obligation.

Independence, Solidarity, and Sovereignty will reign as intellectual justice for future generations, and declarations of resolutions for human right’s and fundamental freedoms will safeguard the culture and belief’s of the ancestors and the children of tomorrow will stand in unity before corruption, tyranny and terrorism with a balance of humanity that will carry forth tranquility and freedom for all, and the chamber’s of governments and corporations will echo with salvation of equality! And finally, the bell of liberty, freedom and justice for all, will ring throughout the world! The Ancestral Heritage will live forever! Do not get left behind, but join now the Solidarity Movement for Justice, Human Right’s and Fundamental Freedoms!

Written: December 2, 2002
by: Larry Kibby - lkibby@citlink.net
Elko Indian Colony, Elko, Nevada



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