Essential needs

Items of Constant Necessity
Tools and building supplies of any kind
Clothing: new and gently used (not stained, torn, missing buttons, etc.)
Personal care items, including: slippers, curlers, bobby pins, brushes, combs, manicure items, soaps, towels, shampoo, toothbrushes.
New underwear (ladies’ {all sizes}and men’s clothing up to size 42 for the elders)
Cooking skillets
Household items
Non-perishable foods
Scrap yarn needed for crocheted slippers, hats and lap blankets for the elderly.
Christmas gifts
Craft items
Baby items (layettes, blankets, clothing, formula, disposable diapers, etc.) Childrens safety seats.
Quilts, blankets and afghans
Scarves, hats, gloves, warm winter clothing.
Toilet paper
Landry, bar, or liquid soap
Flashlights, batteries, etc.
Like children everywhere, the children can use:
Sports equipment. These should be without any questionable logos or sayings. If in doubt, email us.
Dolls (with dark hair, please)
School supplies
Items for newborns, and craft supplies for teen and adult crafting.
Furniture, working appliances [specifically propane], heaters both propane and electric, water heaters.
A lot of the goods WOLE delivers to the Reservations are new or nearly new, and yes, I would wear them myself. Many still have the manufaturers tags on them. The appliances are in good working condition as is the furniture. I take nothing I wouldn’t use myself. That would be disrespecting the people to take trashy stuff up there and I would be insulted if someone gave me less then good clothing, so I don’t do it to others.
The beds/mattresses are in unstained and in good condition as well.
WOLE doesn’t deliver junk food to the Reservations. There is a problem with diabetes on the Reservations and we won’t contribute to it. When we do get donations of food, it is usually good wholesome food, boxed or canned, and distributed to those who are in need, elderly and those with children. The food consists of canned vegetables and fruits, baby food and formula, boxed foods of every kind. When donations are down, we go to food warehouses and buy much of what we take in the way of food goods. We also get laundry products, health and beauty aids and so much more.
When a need is brought to my attention, WOLE tries to fill it the best it can.
Gas Funds
WOLE can always use donations for gas for the monthly drive up to Rosebud.
Heating Fuel Needs Critical in the Winter Months
During these cold months, funds for heating fuel are critical for elders and families. Many of the families use propane, and funding is needed to help with the cost.

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