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What one person does, can make a big difference for Native communities that need help NOW.

Are you that person?



Thank you to Dave and Wendy Stonebuffalo of Peekskill, NY, for helping with fundraising efforts at powwows in the NE US this summer (2011). 

Thank you to Richard Silverman for helping with fundraising efforts in Colorado(2011).

Our thanks to Bertina Amos of Rochester, MN for taking time during Thanksgiving 2009 to run a load of badly needed clothing, toys and winter jackets to Rosebud Reservation.

Our thanks to the following people for their donations to the Rosebud heating fund:
Mr. George Johnson … $200.00
Mr.Edward Norton … $100.00


I would like to thank the First Nations Circle of Friends of London, England, and David Harrison, for their generous donation to the WOLE gas fund for the bus.


Thank you to the Keeble family, member’s of White Ghost’s band Crow Creek Agency/Reservation of Fort Thompson, SD, who have donated a Subaru for Pokey on Rosebud to help transport the elderly to and from the dinners she prepares. We will be picking up the car and taking it up to Rosebud on the weekend of Sept. 13th and 14th.


I would like to thank the the Keeble family, member’s of White Ghost’s band Crow Creek Agency/Reservation of Fort Thompson, SD, for the donation of artwork to be used for greeting cards, the use of a picture of a deer hide painting of buffalo.


I would like to thank Wal-Mart for it’s donation of 8 gallons of paint to paint an elder womans house on Rosebud.


I would also like to thank Judi Armbruster for her donation of computer graphics to be used for greeting cards.

Judi Brannan Armbruster
Karuk Tribe of California

Spirit Songs, Digital Collages

Spirit Songs







Donating Art to WOLE

WOLE is looking for Native American artists that would consider having their work publicized via an ongoing fundraising activity.

Art would be reproduced on greeting cards which would be made into sets and given to WOLE’s donors who contribute at least $15.00. Each set would represent one artist only. Each participating artist would receive 40% of the fair market value from the sale of those sets containing their artwork, brief biographical and contact information on the back of the card, and publicity via our website and any other publicity relevant to the fundraiser. They would also retain ownership of the original art and would only be giving WOLE permission to use the images of the work for this activity.

We are also looking for other supporters in the area of music, Native crafters, etc.

Artists working in three-dimensional medium can submit photos of their work.

WOLE’s share of the proceeds will be used to pay for the production of the notecards, and then used to provide winter heating fuel assistance for Rosebud residents, and others in need, and to pay for gas for delivering goods to Rosebud reservation. WOLE is volunteer-driven and has no paid staff.

I would like to invite anyone and especially any artists in the St. Francis/Rosebud area to come and meet us, see what we are about, talk with us, etc. during any trips we make. All trips are posted in Voices, The Peoples News, and the WOLE Updates.

This group does not promote, nor does it consent to the sale of Native Spirituality or Ceremonies, in any shape or form.

Any art containing Sacred Images will be immediately rejected.

Any who disagree, has the right to return in peace to the list of thousands of other organizations out there on the internet looking for donations.

These are our rules.

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