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What one person does, can make a big difference for Native communities that need help NOW.

Are you that person?

Who we are

Nim is the founder of Wole.
Wole is owned and operated by Native Americans for Native Americans.

Director of Acquisitions:

Therese Faulhaber of Livingston, Texas

Corporate Advisor:

We have entered into a partnership with the Native Indian Heritage Organization [NIHO] on the Rosebud Reservation. Together we have built a Free Store for people to acquire the needed clothing, school supplies, and winter coats, food and anything else we can find that is needed. We also provide heating assistance for the Elders in the winter.

The contact information is as follows (snail mail only):

Pokey Stover
Native Indian Heritage Organization
P.O. Box 415
Parmalee, So. Dakota 57566
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

605 - 747 - 4680

New address for UPS only ....

Native Indian Heritage Org.
722 N. 1st.
Parmalee, So. Dakota 57566

Please write this phone # on all packages ..
605 - 747 - 4680

Rosebud Communities

Communities and Presidents of the (20) Recognized Communities Rosebud Sioux Tribe - Rosebud Reservation, So. Dakota

Glen Yellow Eagle
Mission, So. Dakota

Black Pipe
Fred Arrow
Rosebud, So. Dakota

Bull Creek
Gary White Pipe
Gregory, So. Dakota

Corn Creek
Elmer Clairmont
Norris, So. Dakota

Butte creek
Paul Joseph
Wood, So. Dakota

Spring Creek
Robert Left Hand Bull
St. Francis, So. Dakota

Two Strike
Billy Joe Crow Eagle
St. Francis, So. Dakota

Grass Mountain
Travis High Pipe
Rosebud, So. Dakota

He Dog
Misty Lafferty
Mission, So. Dakota

Horse Creek
Bob Morano
White River, So. Dakota

Clarence Eagle Hawk II
Ideal, So. Dakota

Milks Camp
Byron Andrews
Bonesteel, So. Dakota

St Francis
Anita Emery
St. Francis, So. Dakota

Upper Cut Meat
Naomi Good Shield
Rosebud, So. Dakota

Kenneth Night Pipe
Okreek, So. Dakota

James Black Bull
Parmalee, So. Dakota

Ring Thunder
Janet Sierra
Mission, So. Dakota

Bill Giroux
Rosebud, So. Dakota

Soldier Creek
Cheryl Douville
Parmalee, So. Dakota

Swift Bear
Robert Becker
White River, So. Dakota


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