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What one person does, can make a big difference for Native communities that need help NOW.

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Harsh realities of reservation life

While many people are sympathetic to the needs and misfortunes of others, it is often hard to comprehend the extent of the difficulties some people on Indian reservations can face. For most people who live in the dominant culture, almost everyone has the potential to find a job and the money or the resources needed to clothe their children, feed their elders, and repair their homes. It is often almost beyond our ability to comprehend that these are privileges which can be so hard to come by for many people who live on remote Indian reservations. With unemployment on the reservations reaching as high as 85%, with 45% of the children living below the poverty level and with a life expectancy of only 45 years for Native people living on reservations, its clear to see that America is not always a place of liberty and justice for all.

While there are programs such as Habitat for Humanity and others, they can only build or repair a few homes a year while the needs far outweigh available housing. And it’s important to realize how limited the resources are on some of the reservations. Tools and lumber all cost money and the economy on most of the reservations is limited to small shops and the sales of crafts. Business owners face political hardships and are often shunned by investors. And while some reservations do better than others with their casinos, but its important to realize that very little of that money ever reaches the people who are most in need. We are used to seeing the faces of poverty overseas but in fact, there are many faces right here at home that can use your help.

America waged war against the Indians for hundreds of years and in some ways that war continues. In South Dakota, where businesses are encouraged to invest in the bigger cities and tourism is kept to the areas where the dominant population can profit, it is time for all of us to take a stand and come to the aid of our Native brothers and sisters and alleviate some of the suffering inflicted by an unyeilding political situation.

Web of Life Enterprise seeks to bring some justice and comfort to those who are suffering on the Indian reservations in South Dakota. Money, goods and services are all required to bring change there, to better the housing, to bring warm clothing and blankets to the elderly, to provide boots and coats to children in a place where winter seems to begin just only after it has ended. Your contribution of money or of the goods that are so hard to come by in these often remote places will not only alleviate discomfort but can also provide the means for the people on these reservations to work towards bettering the future for their children. Deliveries are FREE to the recipients.

Thank you for your generosity.

Where there is a need we will go, and your donations will help us get there.

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove ... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

Forest E. Witcraft
(American Scholar, Teacher, and Boy Scout Leader  1894-1967)


Over the weekend (10/24/10), Ed Webb lost his battle with cancer. He was a longtime volunteer and partner with WOLE. Our prayers go out to the Webb Family. He will be missed.

May the Creator comfort everyone he came in contact with.

May Ed finally be at peace.



Former Rosebud President Charles Colombe Walks On
He was a rancher, a rodeo cowboy, a businessman, and at one time president of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Charles C. Colombe, of Mission, South Dakota, walked on June 9 after an ATV accident on his ranch. He was 75.
May his spirit walk in Peace.

California author and youth advocate D.B. Pacini's fantasy youth/YA novel, THE LOOSE END OF THE RAINBOW.


Rape on the Reservation
According to national statistics, one in three Native American women will be raped in their lifetimes. Vanguard correspondent Mariana Van Zeller travels to Rosebud reservation in South Dakota to investigate the alarmingly high incidence of rape and sexual assaults.




To be an enrolled member of my tribe, the Mississippi Choctaw.


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